Implementation Services

LANslide Integration Services can help you deploy your document delivery solution more effectively, implement it faster and integrate it with all your enterprise applications. We can help you maximize your investment. Offerings include:

  • Installation and configuration services
  • Upgrade and maintenance services
  • Configuration review services
  • Advanced integration services
  • Cover pages and forms services
  • Custom application development

For more information contact LANslide Integration Services at sales@lanslide.com or call 604.607.7190 Ext 2.

Installation and Configuration Services

Engineers perform installation and configuration of servers and modules in the RightFax product line. All services are performed remotely.

Upgrade and Maintenance Services

Upgrade and maintenance services allow customers to keep their RightFax servers at the most current software levels as well as implement new features and configurations. Services can include the addition of new fax boards to the server, upgrading server software to the current version, addition of software modules to the server and supplemental on-site technical support.

Configuration Review Services

To ensure that our customers maximize their RightFax solution on an ongoing basis, we provide configuration review services. Our engineers provide a complete review and analysis of the RightFax configuration and provide recommendations for enhancements or modifications in the following areas:

  • System performance and tuning
  • System capacity analysis and planning
  • Deployment to users
  • Network and deployment planning
  • Possible integration with other applications

Advanced Integration Services

These services help customers integrate RightFax with other business applications and leverage document delivery capabilities across the enterprise. Services include:

  • Advanced integration (multiple server, multiple location) with messaging applications such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Implementation of production components such as SAP, Oracle and Baan connectors and filters.
  • Deployment of RightFax in a Microsoft clustered server environment.

Cover Pages and Forms Services

This service provides customers with professional, quality design and development of fax cover pages and forms.

Custom Application Development

LANslide provides custom application development services to better integrate your document delivery solution into your current applications and existing business processes.